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Hello! My husband and I have been living together for more than 15 years. We are very happy and love each other. But a few months ago, my husband began to complain about bad breath. We did not pay much attention to this. After a while, he began to have pain in his stomach. My husband was feeling very uncomfortable. I began to search the Internet for home remedies to help him. In one article, I read that papaya has properties that can help clear organism from slags and other unpleasant substances. My husband and I tried this method and after a while, he began to feel better. Now he is completely healthy and doesn't have abdominal pain and bad breath does not bother him.

Seeds of papaya can be very useful for digestion, as they are rich in proteolytic enzymes. Start with one or two seeds, then gradually increase this amount until you find the level convenient for you.

The bitterness of papaya seeds can help stimulate digestion, and since they are also very astringent in nature, they can help reduce any inflammation of the intestines and help healing.
I love crushed papaya seeds and often use them as a substitute for black pepper in equal proportions. The taste of papaya seeds is a combination of bitter pepper and mustard, but hardly distinguishable when used in small amounts on top of other products.

Author : Mani